It Pays To Be a Pro Surfer… In Free Product I’m Guessing

If you are a pro athlete it must be pretty easy to get all sorts of free stuff. I’ve always thought Audi gave celebrities cars to drive and encouraged them to get parking tickets but it looks like they must be a sponsor of Coco Ho who is a professional surfer from Hawaii.

Seems like she also helps out with some great photo opportunities for Audi’s social media 😉

Coco Ho in her Audi Allroad


Source: Audi and Coco Ho’s Instagram

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Debby Ryan’s Classy Yet Understated Audi A4

Debby Ryan - Audi A4

Photos (@debbyryan)

Disney star, Debby Ryan likes to travel in class and comfort without shouting about it. In many ways her Audi A4 reflects her own style – classy and sophisticated without the bells and whistles of matte black wraps and giant chrome rims.

Even her Mercedes C Class is black, the security glass a sure way of avoiding the cameras.

Debby Ryan - Audi A4

Debby Ryan - Audi A4

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