James Corden Debuts ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ Mashup With Adele’s “Hello”

‘People v. O.J. Simpson’ and Adele’s “Hello”: James Corden Debuts Mash-Up – Hollywood Reporter

March 03, 2016 5:50am PT by Billboard Staff

The song enhances the spine-tingling moment when a pivotal phone call is made.  Ray Mickshaw/FX

The song enhances the spine-tingling moment when a pivotal phone call is made.

Adele’s “Hello” still packs a wallop.

James Corden and his team used the song to impressive effect overnight as it was overlaid in a dramatic scene from American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson.

“Hello” enhances the spine-tingling moment when a pivotal phone call is made. It’s an unusual meeting of comedy and drama, where Adele’s comeback hit leaps out once again as a show-stopper.

Corden knows the power of Adele. His “carpool karaoke” session with his fellow Brit recently became the most-watched late-night video clip on YouTube.

Check out the mash-up from The Late Late Show (it begins at 3:40).

This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.

Billboard Staff

Billboard Staff


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Whitney Houston Estate on Biopic: Fans Should “Brace Themselves for the Worst”

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston‘s family says the singer’s fans should “brace themselves for the worst” if they watch Lifetime’s television movie about the late singer that premieres Saturday.

Pat Houston, president of the singer’s estate and her sister-in-law, issued a critical statement about the movie on Houston’s website on the eve of the movie’s airing. She said the movie was done without the family’s blessing and against the wishes of her mother.

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“If you watch this movie, watch it knowing that Lifetime is notorious for making bad biopics of deceased celebrities and brace yourself for the worst,” Pat Houston wrote.

She said she didn’t think it entered the minds of anyone involved with the project that “what lifts up one person in the headlines may in fact destroy another.”

A Lifetime representative said Saturday the network had no comment. The movie was directed by Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett, identified only in the statement as “a woman who claimed to be (Whitney Houston’s) friend.” Pat Houston wrote that “misrepresenting the term friendship to advance an agenda is not only disrespectful and dishonest but a slap in the face to her true and loyal friends.”

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“You should expect people will always rise to the occasion for prominence and profit — not love, respect or honor,” she wrote. “I question the morality of the making of this because of the lack of experience knowing Whitney’s life.”

It’s not clear who, if anyone, in Houston’s family saw the movie in advance, and the statement had no specific observations on the film, where Yaya DaCosta portrays the late singer. The statement said “selected members” of the family were denied an advance copy.

This story first appeared on Billboard.com.

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Watch One Direction Perform “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” With Classroom Instruments

One Direction AMAs - H 2014

AP Images/Invision

One Direction has gifted another early Christmas present to fans with a yuletide-themed slot on Monday’s Tonight Show.

The boy band teamed with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots to perform “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” But this is Fallon’s show, and Fallon’s rules. Which meant everyone played along with kids’ classroom instruments. 

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Harry Styles beat a drum, Zayn Malik struck the triangle, Liam Payne clapped the coconuts, and Louis Tomlinson offered vocals. The Irishman Niall Horan was on banana duties. Yup, the banana. And ghastly Christmas sweaters were the choice of attire.

It’s not the first song to get the special Tonight Show treatment. Robin Thicke’s hit “Blurred Lines” was reworked with an arrangement that featured a tiny xylophone, metal spoons, cowbell and a wooden block

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And earlier this year, Idina Menzel delivered a one-off version of “Let It Go” with all the musical tools from the classroom

1D was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last weekend. Mini xylophones did not feature in that performance.

Watch the clip below.

This story first appeared on billboard.com

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