Kim Kardashian Did NOT Speak To Psychic Jayne Wallace After Recent Drama, Despite Report

Kim Kardashian Psychic Jayne Wallace

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Kim Kardashian did NOT consult with psychic Jayne Wallace after the Paris robbery or during the current situation with Kanye West, despite the woman stating she talked to the reality star. Meanwhile, a number of unreliable outlets did not even bother to fact-check Wallace’s account before publishing her untrue claim. Gossip Cop, however, investigated and we’re exclusively told Kardashian and Wallace “did not speak.”

According to HollywoodLife, “Psychic Jayne Wallace admitted that Kim Kardashian has been turning to her amidst all of the drama in her life right now.” After noting how Kardashian has had a “stressful year,” having been robbed in Paris and West “being hospitalized for a mental breakdown,” the unreliable site claims Kardashian has been dealing by “turning to psychic Jayne Wallace.” The disreputable outlet notes that Wallace, founder of Psychic Sisters, “spoke on [the British TV show] ‘Loose Women’ about the time she has spent with the reality TV star.”

The webloid relates that Wallace called Kardashian “very down to earth,” and that the two women “talked about marriage, babies, family.” What’s more, writes HollywoodLies, Wallace described Kardashian’s family as warm and welcoming, and points out that the psychic has been to the reality star’s “home in Calabasas many times.” After reiterating that “Kim turned to her after her robbery in France,” the repeatedly disproven site editorializes, “Wow, we really don’t blame Kim for trying everything under the sun. If we were going through half the amount of stuff she’s going through right now, we would be turning to psychics, too!”

Maybe if HollywoodLife and the other outlets that reported about Kardashian relying on Wallace had turned to fact-checking, they all wouldn’t look like a bunch of lazy and discredited journalists. Gossip Cop looked into the psychic’s claims, and they’re entirely untrue. A rep for Kardashian exclusively tells Gossip Cop that Wallace and the reality star “did not speak.

Kim Kardashian Psychic Jayne Wallace


Kim Kardashian spoke to psychic Jayne Wallace after the recent drama in Paris and with Kanye West.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Gossip Cop Staff