What Your College Extracurricular Says About You

“Rolls their eyes at BuzzFeed.” “But still reads it.” “A lot.”

"I feel like acapella is something that people only want to do because of movies about college."
"Acapella guys are tired of being asked if they're gay"
"They all hook with each other"
"Lots of intragroup drama."
"A lot of acapella people do that thing where you sing to yourself under their breath but are obviously still trying and are accepting compliments."
"You tried out with that Alicia Keys song."
"I keep on fallin', iiiiiiiiii-iii-iii-iiiin and out of love, witha you."
"Sam Smith is your shit right now."

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

"Being on college student government means you're applying to grad school."
"I'm devoted to our student body' translates to 'I'm devoted 2 my resume."
"You're like... popular in the sense that people have always invited you to their birthday dinners."
"Vaguely leftist."
"Very normcore."
"Wear oxford shirts to class."
"LIKE BITCH IT IS TUESDAY MORNING. No one else is out here in an oxford."

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

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