Love struggling to finish memoir

Courtney Love is working with a co-writer on
Courtney Love is working with a co-writer on "The Girl With the Most Cake."
  • The book has been over a year in the making
  • It was originally scheduled for December 2013
  • Love says "it's just not working"

( ) -- Like many authors, Courtney Love is a victim of writer's block.

For over a year, the Hole singer has been penning a memoir with Rolling Stone writer Anthony Bozza. "The Girl With the Most Cake" was originally supposed to hit bookshelves in December 2013 before being pushed back to early-2014. Three-quarters of the way through the year and Love's memoir is still nowhere on the release schedule, and as the singer tells Paper, don't expect to be reading her life story anytime soon. As it turns out, not everyone can write a 460-page autobiography as quickly and easily as Morrissey.

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"It's a disaster. A nightmare," Love told Paper (via Billboard) of her memoir. "I never wanted to write a book in my entire life. It just sort of happened. And I have a co-writer, but it's just not working."

While Love originally told Rolling Stone the book would cover her life up until 2008, she's since subtracted a few years from the tome. "What happens from 2006 on in the book is my personal business. I've been discreet from that time on, and I want to keep it that way," Love said.

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When Love first discussed her memoir with Rolling Stone in June 2013, she had high hopes for the book, citing Patti Smith's "Just Kids" and Russell Brand's "My Booky Wook" as influences. (But not Keith Richards' "Life," since it was "just so bloody long, I didn't even finish it.") If and when Love's memoir finally arrives through William Morrow at Harper Collins, she promises it will focus on her battles with drug addiction, her "tragic romance" with Kurt Cobain, her relationships with Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, and her early years as a stripper.

While Love won't be hosting any book signings soon, you can see her on TV this fall: The 50-year-old rocker will appear in multiple episodes of "Sons of Anarchy's" upcoming season, where she'll play a preschool teacher. Love also told Paper she hopes to reunite Hole's classic lineup of Eric Erlandson, Patty Schemel and Melissa Auf der Maur at some point in 2015.

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