Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Christy Confronts Jesse After He Kisses and Tells

Bachelor in Paradise Recap September 1, 2014


There was trouble brewing on Monday’s “Bachelor in Paradise” when multiple cast members began to question their current relationships.

Michelle was still feeling panicked that Cody was moving too fast, especially after she revealed that he had dropped the L-bomb right before the last rose ceremony.

The single mother admitted to him that she was feeling a lot of pressure and wanted to slow things down. Cody was bummed by her reaction, but he wasn’t going to give up on Michelle just yet.

Marcus and Lacy continued to be the most secure couple in Tulum, Mexico, but despite their displays of affection, Marcus was concerned that Lacy had yet to say “I love you.” He had told her multiple times already, and he hoped she would open up on their next date.

The two headed to a creepy cave, where they were greeted by a bunch of bats. After facing their fears together, Lacy later confessed to Marcus that she was in love with him.

Brooks Forester, who broke Desiree Hartsock’s heart on the “Bachelorette,” was the next to arrive in Mexico with a date card. Sarah’s heart started to flutter because she had been hoping he would be on the show. She immediately started to doubt her relationship with Robert, wishing that Brooks would ask her out.

Robert clearly sensed she pulling away when Brooks was around — and started to be more territorial, throwing his arm around Sarah whenever he got the chance.

Brooks ended up asking out Jackie, much to Zack‘s dismay.

During their date, Brooks was completely smitten, admitting that he couldn’t stop looking at her. He was also impressed that she defeated him in a game of foosball.

True love?

Not if Zack has anything to do with it.

Back at the house, Sarah was preparing to break up with Robert, but then he surprised her with a romantic night on the beach. She ended up biting her tongue because of how wonderful he was being.

Jesse also continued to kiss and tell, bragging to the guys about his conquests.

Michelle took it upon herself to finally tell Christy that Jesse was running around telling the guys that he had hooked up with both her and Lucy.

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Christy was clearly humiliated and upset by Jesse’s behavior.

“Jesse is such a douchebag,” she said after hearing the news, adding, “I hate him.”

Jesse later admitted that his goal for the show was to stay as long as possible in paradise — not to find love.


Things were finally looking up for Christy when Tasos Hernandez from Andi Dorman’s season of “The Bachelorette” arrived in Mexico with a date card.

Just when it looked like Michelle would be the one to go out with him and leave Cody in the dust, Tasos asked out Christy.

They had a wonderful time on their date, and Christy realized Jesse “isn’t even half the man Tasos is.”

Jackie and Brooks continued to bond on the beach after their date, which upset Zack. He was jealous because he was very interested in Jackie.

Luckily for Zack, he was the next to get a date card. And he, of course, chose Jackie and she immediately accepted.

AshLee was irritated that Graham didn’t get a date card, but she tried to make it look like he was the one who was upset. She also started sucking up to Michelle, knowing that Graham values her opinion.

Michelle immediately saw AshLee’s sudden kindness as a ploy to stay in Graham’s good graces, and she vowed to keep an eye on AshLee for Graham’s sake.

During their date, Jackie and Zack also went for swim in a cave. Zack confessed that had been interested in her long before the show started. Jackie was happy that she was finally the first choice of one of the guys.

The two shared a passionate kiss in the cave, which Zack called a “special moment.”

Zack also noted that he felt butterflies because he felt he was meant to meet Jackie.

Before the rose ceremony, both Brooks and Zack made their feelings for Jackie known in hopes of getting her rose. Brooks even painted her nails.

Jesse and Tasos were competing for Christy’s rose, although Jesse’s intentions were far from honorable.

“I’m not here to date a dumb blonde, but Christy has a rose,” he stated bluntly.

Jesse tried to manipulate Christy into choosing him, but Christy was quick to bring up his hookup with Lucy.

When he realized she wasn’t having it, Jesse blindsided her by quitting the show.

He didn’t even give Christy the chance to dump him.

Lacy and Michelle were outraged by how Jesse treated Christy, so they took her to confront him before he could escape paradise.

“I will not allow Christy to be disrespected by someone like Jesse,” said Michelle.

Christy finally called him out for bragging about hooking up with her, Lucy, and Jackie.

She called him a coward for leaving because he knew he wasn’t getting a rose. Michelle explained that Christy was humiliated by what he did, but he remained unfazed by their harsh words.

Christy never got the apology she deserved.

After he left, Chrisy and Michelle took shots, noting that Jesse would die alone.

Later, Lacy gave her rose to Marcus. AshLee picked Graham. Sarah realized she was falling in love with Robert and gave him her rose. Michelle chose Cody, noting she would be an absolute fool to let someone like him go. Christy gave hers to Tasos.

For the final rose, Jackie chose Zack and sent Brooks home.

At the end of the night, Chris Harrison surprised the cast with the news that there would be no more rose ceremonies.

Tune in next week for what Harrison has in store for the cast during the dramatic “Bachelor in Paradise” season finale!

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