68 Facts You Might Not Know About Classic ’80s Films

Could you imagine Brad Pitt as JD in Heathers ?! Or what about Harry and Sally breaking up at the end of When Harry Met Sally ?!

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures


1. Dan Aykroyd was inspired to write Ghostbusters due to his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all having a big interest in the paranormal.

2. John Belushi was originally envisioned to play the role of Peter Venkman, but he died before production started.

3. The movie did pay tribute to Belushi by basing the character of Slimer on him.

4. Eddie Murphy turned down the role of Winston in Ghostbusters to star in Beverly Hills Cop.

5. The film's director, Ivan Reitman, voiced both Slimer and Zuul.

6. Iconic porn star Ron Jeremy makes a cameo as an extra in the crowd.

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