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He may play a bad guy on “From Dusk Till Dawn,” but in real life Wilmer Valderrama is doing some pretty good things. We recently caught up with the actor to discuss his show on the El Rey network, his new charity and what's on his iPod.

Access Hollywood: What can we expect from your character Carlos for the next season of 'From Dusk Till Dawn'?
Wilmer Valderrama:
He’s physically going to be bigger, definitely more animated. One of the things I think is exciting about the next chapter is that we are now way past the movie’s methodology. Now we can finally get into that territory about where the characters are going after that fateful “From Dusk Till Dawn” night.

Access: You mentioned 'getting bigger.' How are you preparing for your role right now?
I’ve been working out with my trainer Ronny Camacho two times a day, eating a lot of protein. It’s crazy. I’ve never had this discipline or a regimen before. There’s a lot of crazy stunts and they’re pretty plot driven so I can’t tell you too much… The fact that Robert [Rodriguez] is directing the action, I mean, I just don’t think television has ever had that energy before. We’re being very ambitious.

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Access: You hashtag your tweets with #TheLatinBruceWayne. Does this mean you’re one step closer?
[Laughs] I love the color black, I like my cars, my things… I have my own company and studio so it’s like an ongoing joke that I’m the Latin Bruce Wayne. The fans are being very silly about it now.

Access: What do you do in your free time?
I sleep! I don’t have much time so whenever I can get it in. I’ve been doing a lot of mixed martial arts and it’s been therapeutic to have to discipline for yourself.

Access: What is the best date you’ve ever been on?
It’s been the most simple date I’ve ever been on! It’s not a ceremony, just impromptu -- movie, popcorn and a candle.

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Access: Are the rumors surrounding a 'That ‘70s Show' reunion true?
We don’t know if there’s going to be a reunion. There’s been a few hints towards things. There’s nothing in the works at all. Definitely though, the whole cast is down to do a movie.

Access: What’s on your iPod?
Marc Anthony right now. I’m also playing Carlos Santana’s 'Supernatural.'

Access: How did you come up with your charity, This Helps?
When my friend Joe Huff and I created This Helps.org (www.thishelps.org) we decided to create an apparel line that would bring you pride. The idea was if you were going to buy a T-shirt and necklace, you would be proud of the fact you actually did something. Our first campaign involves raising 1000 months of education. For every T-shirt or necklace, you’re going to provide one month of education. I went to ESL classes so it was important to me to get the education my parents didn’t have the opportunity to do.

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Access: Do you have any memories from your travels for your organization that you want to share?
My partner and I have been on trips. It’s beautiful to see when a kid looks at a book as if it’s a television. Imagine a kid who looks at it like it’s a forbidden thing that’s just talked about. When you see a kid being so excited to read, it’s such a powerful moment.

Access: We hear your show is getting its own attraction at Universal Studios. True or false?
We are going to Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights. September 19 is when the maze goes live. In our maze you’re going to go through the storyline of our show. Every room is going to represent a moment in the series. Make sure you catch up so when you go to the maze, you get what’s happening!

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