Robert Pattinson Completed the Ice Bucket Challenge Using a Sauce Pan and Hose — Watch His Adorable Video Shared By Zac Efron Here

Robert Pattison -- in true R. Patz form -- doesn't have social media, so after being challenged by Zac Efron to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge, he needed the help of the Neighbors actor to share the video. Not to mention, the helps of friends, a sauce pan and a garden hose.

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"Thanks for your nomination, Efron. Thanks very much," the Twilight actor tells the camera. "I couldn't find a bucket on short notice so I had to improvise," he adds before a friend pours ice over his head out of a sauce pan while another blasts him with a garden hose.

In between blasts of water -- and getting random items like a red solo cup thrown at him -- the handsome actor then nominates Guy Pearce, his Maps to the Stars co-star Mia Wasikowska, and Marilyn Manson.

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"I don't have an Instagram so you're going to have to deal with this," Pattinson, drenched in a (swoon) white T-shirt, presumably tells Efron.

"Rob's not on social media," Efron wrote on his YouTube page where he shared the video. "So he asked me to post his Ice Bucket Challenge for #StrikeOutALS."

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