Rihanna: Penelope Cruz and Vince Vaughn Are The Sexiest

Rihanna Elle

(Getty Images)

Rihanna tells ELLE she lives by the words “avoid obviousness.”

“That is a quote by Leonardo DiCaprio,” she explains. “That’s what makes you create something, that’s the excitement, that’s the thrill.”

The singer mostly talks about beauty with the outlet, revealing that her favorite product is lipstick.

Rihanna explains, “It draws attention away from any flaws. When someone is wearing lipstick, you just assume they’re wearing a full face of makeup. And guys are stupid — they won’t notice when you’re not.”

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Who does she find sexy?

Penélope Cruz is the sh*t. If I could wake up and look like her tomorrow, that would be great,” says Rihanna. “Mia Wallace [Uma Thurmans Pulp Fiction character] is gangsta. She’s epic. I’m going to do that bob again. Those bangs.”

And what about the sexiest celebrity man?

Rihanna answers, “Vince Vaughn. He’s amazing. Fantastic.”

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