Protesters In Ferguson Share Why They Continued To Come Out Over The Weekend

They want justice — for Michael Brown, and for everyone.

AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Cohen

On Saturday afternoon, the NAACP hosted a youth-led walk down West Florissant Avenue — where most of the protesting and police clashes have taken place. Later that day and into Sunday morning, protesters continued to gather on the street to march. In the short audio clips below — which were edited down from longer interviews for length and sound quality — people who attended these various protests explain what they were doing, why, and what they hope to accomplish.

Hubert Hoosman Jr.

Hoosman's wife was one of the organizers of the march Saturday, and as the group began, he brought up the rear with a megaphone. He owns a business in downtown Ferguson and said that even as a business owner he has suffered discrimination.

Shaniece Mahone

Shaniece Mahone (right), along with Keith Griffin (left), were on West Florissant on Saturday giving away Little Caesar's pizza, granola bars, and water. They also had care packages for Ferguson residents. Due to the ongoing street closures in the city, many residents have had a more difficult time getting around to do errands.

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