‘Pretty Little Liars’ Kills Off Major Character in Bloody Summer Finale

Pretty Little Liars Season 5A Finale Still - H 2014

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"Pretty Little Liars"

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars, "Taking This One to the Grave."]

"A's" latest victim met a cruel and bloody death.

For weeks, ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars warned of a fatal finale and it lived up to its billing. So which Rosewood character was the unlucky victim of "A's" wrath?

Mona Vanderwaal (played by series regular Janel Parrish), who was dangerously close to exposing everything. While she was on the phone with Aria (Lucy Hale) ready to spill the beans about Alison, a blonde-haired girl in a black hoodie came up from behind her just as she was about to tell Aria that Alison was "A," screams bounced off the Vanderwaal house and blood splattered everywhere. Though her body was not at the scene when police arrived, Mona's lifeless body was seen in the trunk of a car — most likely in "A's" possession.

Mona's arc had been a rollercoaster ride since the very beginning — she was the show's first "A" and she was one of a just a few people who knew Alison was alive this whole time. It seemed Mona was ready to turn over a new leaf in last week's episode when she confided in Aria, showing a more vulnerable side. Guess "A" had the last laugh.

Parrish reassured PLL viewers on Twitter immediately following the episode that the death of Mona (#RIPMona was quickly the top trending topic) didn't mean she was done with the show for good.

Executive producer Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the summer finale, which serves as a lead-up to the Christmas episode, that the death had been in the works for "more than a year." "I have goosebumps even telling you this — fans are going to be left speechless," she said. "I think it's one of those where, even people here who have seen the episode who work on the show, their jaws hit the floor. Tissue boxes were out; people were crying."

Pretty Little Liars returns October on ABC Family. Check back on The Live Feed on Wednesday morning for a postmortem chat.

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