Legendary Producers Behind ‘Mary Tyler Moore,’ ‘All in the Family’ and ‘Dick Van Dyke’ on Early Fears, Network Clashes

It's hard to imagine now, but before creating The Dick Van Dyke Show, Carl Reiner had no desire to try another TV show after his previous one failed.

"I don't want to fail twice with the same material," says Reiner, referring to an aborted series that used the same scripts that eventually found success with The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Meanwhile, Norman Lear says CBS had major concerns about All in the Family's groundbreaking material, and Allan Burns says the network hated The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which originally featured the protagonist as divorced.

Check out the video at the top of the post to see the producers reveal all these details and more.

The trio made their comments during a Hollywood Reporter photoshoot that gathered 24 legendary TV producers for one unforgettable class picture. Click here to read the full rundown of the Aug. 6 photoshoot, and check out the finished product here.

THR Staff