Kelly Clarkson Cute Ice Bucket Challenge Video Leads To Vicious Body Shaming

Kelly Clarkson Ice Bucket Challenge Video


Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock made an adorable joint Ice Bucket Challenge video to help raise money for ALS research.

Unfortunately, a bunch of nasty commenters on her original Facebook post and a number of outlets like Us Weekly used the occasion to make mean-spirited remarks about her body, two months after Clarkson gave birth to daughter River Rose.

Now, because of this body shaming, hundreds of commenters on the original video are focusing on Clarkson’s weight instead of her generosity.

Many sites didn’t help matters by emphasizing in their headlines that Clarkson was “debuting” her “post-baby body.”

The reason Gossip Cop has been posting numerous Ice Bucket Challenge Videos is summed up by this heartbreaking video.

It’s about raising awareness and money for a good cause.

And it’s disappointing to see Clarkson’s nice gesture ruined by ugly snark.

Check out the video, which is pretty adorable, below.


Daniel Gates