Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox have Friends Reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Watch Amazing Skit!

We've waited 10 years for this! Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox made an amazing surprise return to the infamous Friends kitchen on Wednesday, August 27, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel!

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The much anticipated Friends reunion occurred after Aniston's guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie Life of Crime. As he drew the interview to a close Kimmel confided in Aniston that he was a big Friends fan.

"I loved the show so much I actually wrote some fan fiction," the show host said. "I wrote myself into it as Ross. I was wondering if you would do a scene from it with me?"

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A very reluctant Aniston was taken by Kimmel to a mystery set which he revealed to be an amazingly accurate remake of the famous kitchen from the much loved show.

"I actually spent $80,000 making it," the host joked.

Jennifer, Lisa and Courteney joined Jimmy Kimmel for an impromptu Friends reunion!

Jennifer, Lisa and Courteney joined Jimmy Kimmel for an impromptu Friends reunion!
Credit: Courtesy Jimmy Kimmel Live

After refusing to wear a Rachel wig ("I've got boundaries"), Aniston grudgingly agreed to read lines with Kimmel, aka Ross Geller, and much to the audience's delight, the duo were joined by co-stars Cox and Kudrow as the scene progressed.

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The unexpected female cast reunion is thought to be linked to next month's 20th anniversary of the hit NBC sitcom's premiere. Another commemoration of the occasion is the New York opening of a replica Central Perk coffee shop, complete with barista Gunther (James Michael Tyler) and photo opportunities for fans on the iconic couch.

Aniston, Kudrow and Cox, who remain close friends despite it being 10 years since they last worked together on Friends, hung out together last month at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood.

"It was really fun, great to see them," Kudrow told Us Weekly of the cozy dinner.

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