Jay Pharoah Nails Impressions of Kanye West, Jay Z: Watch Kim Kardashian React at MTV VMAs 2014

Heh heh hilarious! Jay Pharoah nailed his impressions of Kanye West and Jay Z while hosting the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, Calif., on Sunday, Aug. 24, and Kim Kardashian found it hilarious.

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"Please welcome Kanye West," the SNL comedian, 26, was introduced over the speaker to introduce the category of Artist to Watch. Mimicking the rapper in West's beloved animal-print jacket and large shades, Pharoah yelled to the crowd: "Heh! Ye in the building fame!"

He then went on an epic Kanye-style rant comprised of egotistical self-reflection comments and outrageous statements. "There's only one artist to watch," Pharoah said. "ME! I'm not even performing tonight, fam. I created television! Can't nobody else do that. Matt Lauer -- HEH!"

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Not all viewers responded positively to Pharoah's next comments about the most viral social media campaign ever. "My videos cure ALS y'all," the comic, still in character as Yeezy, joked. "I don't need to do no Ice Bucket Challenge, fam. Heh heh heh."

Of course, the tirade would not have been complete without a special shout-out to wifey Kim Kardashian and their daughter Nori. "This is a special night. But not as special as me and Kim's wedding," Pharoah said. "I wore a cape! Y'all probably seen us in the 'Bound' video, like [on a motorcyle]… Me and Kim are bigger than the Clintons fam. We so next level, we named our daughter North West after an airline that no longer exists."

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Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage.com (inset)

Pharoah also did a hilariously spot-on impression of Jay Z. "Chyeah. It's your boy, Hova, yup!" he said. "Now, I'm not here to perform tonight, that's Beyonce's job. I'm just taking care of our baby Blue Ivy. I'm a very strict father. I'm like, 'Blue, Blue, stop it, stop it. Get the rollie out your mouth. You'll chip a tooth, ha ha ha. Daddy loves you!'"

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The SNL personality also poked fun at Drake's cameo in Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video. "You know I gotta talk about 'Anaconda,'" Pharoah said. "He was just sitting there looking like a creepy guidance counselor the whole time!"

Watch his hilarious impressions of Kanye West, Jay Z, and Drake above!

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