How Kids In College Imagine Their Thirties

BuzzFeed’s 20-year-old interns envision life 10 years down the road. The future holds a good amount of quinoa.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

"I just feel like there's so much roof hype."
"Rooftop parties."
"Rooftop bars."
"Rooftop roofs."
"Artistic rendering of a roof."

"What does a date look like in your thirties?"
"Where you drink a reasonable amount of alcohol."
"And...ask about their family in the first 10 minutes?"
"'What was your major' is probably NOT a question."

"New Girl plotlines."
"Drama derived from living situations."
"People fighting over 'stuff.'"
"Like, 'That's my stuff.'"
"Don't touch my stuff."

"Let's be real, people in their twenties are probably boning more than people in their thirties."
"Except in your thirties you're maybe finally figuring stuff out #cliteracy."
"This is the decade of cliteracy."

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"Owning basic baking ingredients like flour."
"Also, like, butter knives."
"Food-specific silverware."
"Soup spoons."
"Multiple spatulas."
"Cusinart. Cuisinart? Sp?"
"In your thirties, you definitely have that thing that closes your wine bottles for you. Like, a stand-in cork for once you open it."

"In your thirties, you love to discuss what you're going to cook."
"What you have cooked."
"What you wish you could cook."

"I feel like you learn a lot about grains in your thirties. IDK WHY."
"Yeah you really value whole grains."
"You know how to pronounce quinoa."

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