How Does Your College Rank For Delivery Food?

Which schools have the best tippers, the most polite customers, and the highest rollers?


Website Spoon University analyzed over 1 million delivery orders to college campuses, and came up with the following rankings. To find the sample, they looked at orders placed in the ZIP of a campus where the user had a ".edu" email address. Then, they ranked campuses based on what time of day they ordered, what types of cuisine they ordered, and if they included health notes like "hold the mayo" or polite ones like "please" and "thank you".

Note: these rankings are based only on orders through GrubHub, not competitors like Seamless, the Dominos pizza tracker app, or you know, actually calling up the place on the phone.

Best tippers:

Best tippers:

1. Virginia Tech
2. University of Delaware
3. University of Colorado
4. Towson University
5. University of Virginia
6. West Chester University
7. University of Pittsburgh
8. Central Michigan University
9. University of Tennessee
10. Boise State University

(Exact tip percentage info is not publicly released by GrubHub.)

Most caffeinated (percent of orders containing coffee or energy drinks):

Most caffeinated (percent of orders containing coffee or energy drinks):

1. University of Pennsylvania – more than 10% of orders contain coffee or energy drinks
2. Drexel University – 9%
3. Lehigh University – 8%
4. The College of New Jersey – 8%
5. University of the Sciences – 8%
6. Temple University – 7%
7. Hofstra University – 6%
8. Middle Tennessee State University – 5%
9. Rochester Institute of Technology – 5%
10. Rider University – 4%

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