Harry Styles Holds 3-Year-Old Eric Onstage, Sings Happy Birthday To Boy (VIDEO)

Harry Styles 3 year old Eric


One Direction fans can now be jealous of a three-year-old boy named Eric, who Harry Styles called onstage Tuesday night and cradled in his arms.


The singer spotted a sign that read, “I’m here for my 3rd birthday,” and had the boy join him and his other bandmates, who were performing in Nashville.

While holding the adorable little guy, Styles asked the tyke if he likes girls and assured Eric his tattoos were real.

“I like you, Eric. I’ve decided, you’re a good dude,” Styles told his new friend.

One Direction then called out to another fan named Megan, who also was celebrating a birthday, and sang the two of them “Happy Birthday!”

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

Michael Lewittes