Ex-San Diego Mayor Allegedly Told Staffer: “I Am So Good At Sex”

Bob Filner is facing another lawsuit, this time from a former executive assistant with allegations including sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual battery.

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In the latest lawsuit against Bob Filner, his former executive assistant Benelia Santos-Hunter, 50, has accused the disgraced former San Diego mayor of embarking "on an aggressive campaign of sexual harassment and intimidation."

With her Aug. 15 complaint, Santos-Hunter became one of many women and former staffers to make allegations against Filner. The 71-year-old ex-Congressman made national headlines last year when his former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson publicly brought allegations of sexual harassment against him, inspiring at least 20 other women to come forward with similar stories. Filner resigned as mayor in August 2013, paid out a $250,000 settlement, and entered into a plea agreement to serve three years of probation and three months of home confinement.

The new allegations against Filner are vast and specific, with Santos-Hunter claiming he physically and verbally abused her, telling her that he was "so good at sex."

In one incident on Valentine's Day last year, Santos-Hunter alleged Filner told her "you need me as your lover," and "be my valentine."

On or about February 14, 2013, FILNER attempted to hug and kiss Plaintiff, without 19 Plaintiff's consent. FILNER then told Plaintiff, "You need me as your lover" or words to 20 that effect. FILNER told Plaintiff, "Be my Valentine" or words to that effect. Plaintiff was 21 disgusted and humiliated.

The next month he allegedly asked that they "spend a passionate time together," and tried to force her hand onto his penis:

On or about March 2, 2013, FILNER told Plaintiff, "You are such a beauty" and "Let's spend a passionate time together" or words to that effect.

FILNER then told Plaintiff, "Let's go in the back and make love right now" or words to that effect. Plaintiff was flabbergasted, shocked and humiliated.

On or about March 26, 2013, FILNER approached Plaintiff, stared at her, forcefully grabbed her hand and attempted to place her hand on his penis. FILNER's behavior was repugnant and revolting. FILNER's actions were intentional and highly offensive to Plaintiff.

In April, Filner allegedly asked to see Santos-Hunter's breasts and told her that he was "so good at sex," asking her to go to Mexico with him:

On or about April 2, 2013, FILNER asked Plaintiff "to make love" or words to that effect. FILNER told Plaintiff; "Take off your dress," or words to that effect. FILNER asked Plaintiff, "Can I see your breasts?" or words to that effect. Plaintiff responded, "No." Plaintiff was repulsed, shocked and humiliated by FILNER' s misconduct.

On or about April 8, 2013, FILNER told Plaintiff, "I am so good at sex," or words to that effect. FILNER then invited Plaintiff to join him on a trip to Mexico. Fiber told Plaintiff, "We will stay in the same room," or words to that effect.

Santos-Hunter also accused Filner of locking her in his office kitchen, asking her to "make love," and placing her in a headlock:

On or about May 6, 2013, FILNER falsely imprisoned Plaintiff by locking her into his office kitchen. FILNER then asked Plaintiff to "make love" or words to that effect. Plaintiff was scared and feared for her safety.

On or about May 14, 2013, FILNER approached Plaintiff in THE CITY's conference room, forcefully grabbed her head and held her in a headlock. FILNER did not let Plaintiff escape. Plaintiff was afraid and traumatized. Plaintiff was finally able to wiggle away from Plaintiff.

On or about May 20, 2013, FILNER told Plaintiff, "Let's have sex on the conference table," or words to that effect. On or about May 24, 2013, FILNER told Plaintiff, "Let's make love on the conference table," or words to that effect.

Santos-Hunter's lawyer Joshua Gruenberg told the Los Angeles Times that Filner "acted creepy toward a lot of women," and that she felt trapped but had to "put up with Filner to keep her job."

Filner is still facing other lawsuits. Earlier this week, he was deposed for a case in which parks official Stacy McKenzie claimed Filner touched her breasts and put her in a headlock.

Disabled veteran Katherine Ragazzino and her nurse Michelle Tyler also filed claims of sexual harassment against San Diego and Filner, alleging the mayor offered to help Ragazzino if her nurse performed sexual favors for him.

Read the Santos-Hunter lawsuit here:

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