Ellen DeGeneres’ Mom Convinced Her To “Get Plastic Surgery”?

Ellen DeGeneres Mom Plastic Surgery

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“Ellen’s Mom Urges Her To Get Plastic Surgery,” reads the headline of a Life & Style story that claims Ellen DeGeneres mother Betty has advised her daughter to see a plastic surgeon after the talk show host recently criticized her own “deep crow’s feet and puffy eyes.”

“Betty took her aside and told her to stop complaining and do something about it,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine, adding, Portia de Rossi “agreed.”

According to the tabloid, DeGeneres is afraid of “looking like those women in Hollywood with botched surgeries,” but thanks to her mom’s advice, she’s going to “give it a try in 2015.”

Is DeGeneres really getting plastic surgery because of her mother?


A source close to DeGeneres tells Gossip Cop this latest tale from Life & Style is “literally insane.”

Erica Tempesta