CLAIM: Queen Latifah Wants Lenny Kravitz To Father Her Child

Queen Latifah Lenny Kravitz Baby

(Getty Images)

Queen Latifah wants Lenny Kravitz to be the father of her baby, reports In Touch.

According to the magazine, Latifah and her partner Eboni Nichols want to have a child.

Fair enough.

“But instead of adopting, they want to use a surrogate or have Eboni carry the child,” says an In Touch source. “And they want Lenny Kravitz to be the father.”

Wow… really?

“Eboni brought up using one of her good friends as a sperm donor, but then Queen Latifah suggested Lenny. Eboni knows he’s the perfect candidate,” explains the tab’s insider.

The In Touch tipster adds, “Queen Latifah simply loves Lenny. Not only is he handsome, but she likes his inner peace and what he stands for as a man.”

Look… we all love Lenny!

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the father of Queen Latifah’s hypothetical baby.

A rep for Kravitz says there’s no truth to the story.

Daniel Gates