CLAIM: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Near Split Over “Sex Monster Party Pal”

Angelina Jolie Dean Kelly

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“It’s the last straw for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!” declares the National Enquirer.

Oh, really?

This comes from a magazine that has published dozens upon dozens of false stories about the couple.

According to the Enquirer, Pitt “snapped after learning Angie once had partied with a male model who’s now behind bars for a string of sex crimes.”

That would be Dean Kelly, described by the Enquirer as Jolie’s “Sex Monster Party Pal,” who hung out with Jolie after she won the Oscar in 2000.

There are pictures of them together.

14 years ago.

At the Vanity Fair party following the Academy Awards.

Not romantic photos, mind you, just a couple of photos in which Kelly has his arm on Jolie’s shoulder.

14 years ago.

“Brad is humiliated!” says an Enquirer source. “After he saw photos of his fiancee with Dean, he stormed out of the house just to calm down. He’s embarrassed, upset and sounds ready to bail.”


Pitt is going to bail on Jolie and their six children because she talked to some guy at a party in March 2000?

The really, really thin argument the Enquirer uses is that Pitt is supposedly upset about Jolie’s “wild-girl past” coming back to haunt the couple.

Several years after he and Jolie spent a couple of minutes together at that party, Kelly was charged with two counts of rape involving minors and possession of child pornography.

But apparently that’s enough to stain Jolie in Pitt’s eyes, according to the Enquirer.

“For Angelina to be associated with a guy like Dean Kelly is a black mark against her,” a source tells the tabloid. “She’s been a tireless fighter against rape and sexual violence against women worldwide. Needless to say, Brad is devastated by all this. It’s the last straw in their relationship.”

This is, of course, drivel.

Just like the last 50 times the Enquirer declared Jolie and Pitt were on the verge of splitting after some fabricated fight.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest story is “ridiculous.”

Daniel Gates