‘Chelsea Lately’ Gets All-Star Sendoff With Ellen, Gwen Stefani

Chelsea Lately Finale - H 2014


Chelsea Lately has signed off from E! for good.

Chelsea Handler said after seven years of "ridiculous stupidity," she was "very impressed" with herself, patting her own back.

"I've made great friends, a lot of enemies, and I have personally lost and gained 3,500 pounds."

Early on in the series finale, there was an extended shower scene in which a clothed and combative Ellen DeGeneres confronted (a very naked) Handler to ask why she was never invited to be on show. 

Handler balked, trying to smooth over the awkward situation by saying she was a lesbian, a show of solidarity with DeGeneres. The daytime host did not believe her, so Handler said she even lives with a woman: "We share the same bed together nude while we binge watch Orange Is The New Black or Ellen."

Later, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Mary McCormack staged an intervention with their friend. Aniston attacked Handler's shower skills, while Bullock began reading a letter that began "Dear George," and realized it was meant for a George Clooney intervention.

"We love you Chelsea, but you have to get your head out of your ass. You have to get it out of your vagina," Bullock said.  "You're not funny. You're not cool. I think you're probably one of the most unhip people I've ever met."

Bullock then trotted out Handler's ex-boyfriend 50 Cent, who showed up to perform. Handler informed him she hasn't dated a black man since they broke up.

After a Miley Cyrus performance, which saw Handler gush about how "cool" the popstar was, the series finale concluded with a sing-along involving dozens of stars, including Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, Gerard Butler, Tim Gunn, T.J. Miller, Josh Gad, Dave Grohl, Kevin Nealon and Tim Allen.

"Goodbye to E! It's time to move on," they sang. "She wants to sing. She wants to dance and get her groove on."

Fear not, Handler fans. The comedian is returning to the small screen (and tablet…and phone…) when she heads to Netflix. The streaming service will first present a Handler stand-up special next month. She will also host Netflix's first talk show, though a premiere date has not been set.

Handler's plans to leave E! came to light in March, when her manager Irving Azofftold The Hollywood Reporter she would not renew her contract with the network.

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