Benedict Cumberbatch’s Amazing #IceBucketChallenge – ARTICLE

Benedict Cumberbatch may have just won the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The British actor answered challenge call outs from Tom Hiddleston, Juno Temple and Adelaide Clemens. In fact, he answered each challenge separately, and did a little more.

In the first version, Benedict had an ice bucket poured on him while on a bench. Then, after fans watched him strip down (and toss his soaked pants and undies on the bathroom floor!), he was doused again in the shower.

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Standing outside by the bench again, he was drenched while in full red carpet regalia – a sharp suit.

Later, he got soaked while sitting on a motorbike -- twice.

Finally, the "Sherlock" and "The Hobbit" star had his white T-shirt soaked on a sidewalk.

Benedict, did his challenge for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, where he serves as ambassador (he explained in his clip that ALS is a form of motor neuron disease).

He nominated Harvey Weinstein, Kylie Minogue and Lewis Hamilton.

-- Jolie Lash

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