ALS Patient Anthony Carbajal Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge in Emotional Video: Watch Here

His is the Ice Bucket Challenge to end all Ice Bucket Challenges... and its critics.

Meet Anthony Carbajal. Unlike most participants of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Carbajal, 26, was recently diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease). He begins the clip with humor, wearing a red bikini top and booty shorts which say "Kiss My ALS" as he washes and rinses a car while getting doused by buckets of ice water.

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After completing his task, Carbajal returns to the frame to tell his story. "Okay, that was probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done in my life. So, why did I do it?" he asks. "I have been so terrified of ALS my entire life because it runs in my family."

Closing his eyes, he begins to cry. "My grandmother had it, she was a second mother to me. My mother was diagnosed with it when I was in high school, and five months ago, I was diagnosed at 26 years old."

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"ALS is so so f---ing scary you have no idea," Carbajal explains, as footage of him aiding his mother flashes across the screen. "That's probably why nobody talks about it, because it's so challenging to watch, it's so challenging to see, to talk about. Nobody wants to see a depressing person that's dying and has two to five years to live. They don't want to talk about it, they don't want their day ruined."

Credit: Courtesy of Anthony Carbajal

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He then addresses those who've spoken out against the viral social media campaign that's brought awareness and an influx in donations to the cause. "I promise your newsfeed will go back to cat videos and 'Let It Go' covers, but right now, the ALS community has the main spotlight, and for once in my entire life, I've seen it in the forefront."

Indeed, as of Thursday, Aug. 21, the ALS Association has received more than $41.8 million in donations compared to the $2.1 million raised within the same time period in 2013. The press release says more than 739,275 new donors -- including numerous celebrities -- have joined the effort.

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In the final moments of the clip, Carbajal explains that his present physical condition will deteriorate. "Eventually, I won't be able to use my arms or hands at all," he says. "I won't be able to walk. Talk. And breathe on my own. It's devastating."

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