13 Taylor Swift Lyrics Interpreted By A Single Girl Vs. A Girl In A Relationship

Because Taylor Swift evokes the feels in all of us.

Via teen.com

Girl in relationship: That is so mean, Tay! Why would you leave those roses to die? Roses from my man are the best surprise.

Single girl: I would totally have done the same thing. This is my life, but my break up was in June. I go back to June all the time.

Girl in relationship: awwwwwwwww, that's how I felt when I met my guy. He is so chivalrous.

Single girl: ugh, yeah right, I'm never going to fall in love with someone who holds open a door for me. Boys don't even do that!

Girl in relationship: it's like I tell my single girlfriends - you will find love again when you least expect it, just like me!

Single girl: is there any way you could give me any hints as to when it will begin again? Because it's getting old waiting around for it.

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