This Guy Is Cooking His Insane Burger Fantasies And They Are Perfect

And he’s aware that the names he gives them are basically dad jokes.

The first burger Mathew Ramsey posted on his new website in January was called "The Bambi." Between two buttery, toasted kaiser rolls, Ramsay stacked a seasoned venison patty (that's deer meat — get it?), melted taleggio cheese, creamy sauce chasseur ("hunter sauce"), pickled beets, and pan-fried Spam. Yes, SPAM. The D.C.-based photographer and video producer then posted a stunning high-res photo and promised to create a similarly extravagant burger once a week for the rest of this year.

"I started as a year-long creative challenge," he says. A self-proclaimed "burger pervert" with "a propensity for dad jokes," Ramsey calls his newest burger out today "all kinds of smutty" because it's seductively smothered in poutine. Keep it up, burger perv. That's eight down and 44 to go.

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