“The Big Bang Theory” Renewed For 3 Seasons Leads The Daily Links

Plus the best 12 wines under $12, Bruce Jenner’s ombre-bob, and 4 restorative-yoga quick fixes.

"The Big Bang Theory" has been renewed for 3 FULL YEARS! BAZINGA!!!! (But seriously, it was renewed for 3 seasons.) - [Variety]


You can be a super-classy connoisseur and also be on a budget—let an actual super-classy connoisseur tell you how. - [Thrillist]


Bruce Jenner is making some really...well he's making style choices. They are definitely choices. About style. That's all we'll say. - [Cosmopolitan]


Do you know how Bill Nye became the official "Science Guy"? Which ultra-popular cartoon sent over 700 people in Japan to hospitals with seizures and vomiting when a character's eyes flashed red? Here's video of 26 outrageous facts about kids' T.V. - [mental_floss]


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