Police Arrest Man For Allegedly Tweeting He’d Shoot Someone For 100 Retweets

Los Angeles police said a 20-year-old accused of tweeting photos of a firearm pointed at streets has been arrested.

Los Angeles Police Department

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department arrested a man Wednesday for allegedly tweeting multiple photos of a firearm pointed at various streets with the caption "100 RT's and I'll shoot someone walking."

Police were able to determine where the photos were taken and the identity of the Twitter user after receiving information about a possible safety threat, according to a press release.

Dakkari McAnuff, 20, of Los Angeles was arrested and booked for criminal threats and held on $50,000 bail. Police responded to McAnuff's residence, and an air rifle was recovered at the scene.

More than 100 manual retweets from a user with the handle @StillDMC remain on Twitter, but the account has been deleted.

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