Does Sway From MTV Owe This Guy $10?

I’m not totally sure. What’s the cab fare sharing etiquette here?

Chris Trew /

Is Sway a cab mooch? According to comedian Chris Trew, he sure is. Trew claims he shared a cab with Sway, and that Sway didn't pay for half of the ride.

Trew started Sway Owes Me Ten Bucks, as a way to try and reach out to the TV and radio personality to settle his debt. He wants $10 for Sway's half of the cab, plus another $10 for the premium Tumblr theme he bought.

"It was All Star Saturday night in New Orleans and hard to get a cab," Trew tells BuzzFeed. "I was in one, he came and knocked on the window and asked for a ride to the casino. I was late for a comedy show but agreed to take him halfway there. We dropped him off (after sitting in traffic for a long time) and he got out and didn't pay me anything."

Trew believes that standard etiquette for ridesharing, even among friends, dictates that the person getting out early pay for half the ride. Sway did not reply to a request for comment.

Does Sway actually owe Trew $10 for the fare plus $10 for the Tumblr theme?

Sway should've offered to pay, but his debt is wiped by the fact that Trew is being kind of a jerk here. Any Tumblr fees incurred by Trew in his mission are also off the table.

We all lose and the winner here is the Grim Reaper who is just sharpening his scythe in anticipation of sweeping us all off this mortal plane.

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