69 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Drunk

I”M N0T eVEn DRU;NK!!!!!


1. I'm really tired. I'm only going to have this one drink and duck out early.
2. Wow, I'm already a little less tired now.
3. I can't wait to eat.
5. Why is my mom calling me? Mahm, I can't talk. I'm at a bar.
6. Do I want another drink....I should really get some sleep, but one more couldn't hurt. I mean, I'm already out.
6. And they're literally playing the best music right now.
7. I'll call my mom later.
8. I wonder where the nearest pizza is...
9. Pizza is a pretty great concept, when you think about it. Each bite has bread AND cheese AND meat AND veggies. Wtf wow.
10. I love pizza.
11. I love my friends. Friends, I love you guys so much.
12. I'm soooooo glad these beautiful people are in my life. So blessed.
13. And I'm sooooooo glad we're bonding. Thank you, alcohol, for cementing these friendships.
14. I literally can't wait to eat.
15. All I want is some pizza in my mouth, cheese gently dripping down my chin.

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17. I need to plant a big kiss on the DJ. I need to have this DJ at my wedding.
18. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwshiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeetsooooooonnnnnnnnn. This is my jam. I need to get up on this barstool immediately and let my body express just how much I love this song.
19. I don't care who's watching.
20. Except an extremely attractive human is actually watching.
21. OK, act cool. Act sexy. Keep gyrating your torso in sensual circles.
22. Stranger: am I sending sexy vibrations to you yet?
23. Do I look sexy? I can't tell.
24. But my limbs have never moved like this before.
25. I'm SeDuCiNg yOU wITh mY sWiRLs Boiiiiiiii.
26. Oops, a little cranberry vodka just dribbled down my shirt.
27. Sticky.
28. Oh well, deal with it later.
29. "Do I want another drink?" Are you fucking kidding me? Yes and hurry.
30. I won't text my ex, I won't text my ex, I won't text my ex.

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