A State-By-State Look At The Future Of Legal Marijuana

United Stoners of America.

Michelle Broder Van Dyke / Via BuzzFeed

Around the country, states are adopting or considering marijuana legalization measures, and a majority of Americans now say recreational use of marijuana should be legal, according to recent polls.

Following is a look at the states that have passed or are considering laws legalizing marijuana:



What is legal? Marijuana possession was decriminalized in 1975 and medical marijuana was legalized in 1998.
What's next? The push to legalize cannabis is strong in Alaska, with a group known as Campaign to Regulate Marijuana leading the movement. CPM gained 45,000 signatures on Jan. 15 for marijuana legislation based on Colorado's law to be placed on the August ballot — it only needed 30,000 signatures. If the law passes, Alaska would be the third state to legalize marijuana.

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