John Mayer Says “F**king” While Talking Katy Perry’s Music On GMA (VIDEO)

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John Mayer accidentally said “f**king” during his “Good Morning America” interview with Katy Perry on Monday.


Asked about being in the studio with his girlfriend, Mayer shared, “I come in the studio and she plays stuff and I go [puts hand over mouth]. And then I’ll hear a melody… I’ll hear a melody and I’ll be like, ‘Don’t… don’t.’”

Mayer continued, “She was f**king… And I’ll go, ‘Come here, come here, come here, I sang this into my iPhone while you were in there, just check it out.’”

“[And Katy says] ‘Oh, I’ll do that!’” the singer revealed, adding, “I’m like, ‘Good, good, good.’”

Mayer was not bleeped because he caught himself toward the end of the F-bomb.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

(Mayer drops the F-bomb near the 2:40-minute mark)

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