Bully Forced To Apologize After Facebook Users Rally Outside His School

Halsey Parkerson’s aunt staged a rally of her Facebook friends outside his school to force his bully to apologize .


When Halsey Parkerson's aunt found out that he was being bullied at school, she organized a group of her Facebook friends to appear outside his school to demand an apology from his bully.

Parkerson's aunt says she overheard another student telling her nephew he "didn't have any friends and no one cares" when they met for lunch one afternoon. In response, she took to Facebook and rallied support from her local car club.

In response, around 100 people in 50 cars turned up outside Parkerson's school, South Salem High School in Oregon, to demand an apology from his bully. Apparently the student harassing Parkerson high-fived him in front of the crowd and said: "I apologize. I apologize and I take it back."

Parkerson told local news channel KATU: "It's just unbelievable. I now know whenever I get bullied I'll raise my head up and say, 'Sorry, I have too many friends to think I'm being bullied.'" He later wrote on his Facebook page:

"Thanks to everyone who was there with me and my family thanks also to the ones who could not make it by all you making a difference. I truly mean it I'm tearing up thanks guys for standing up with me and helping me make a difference!!"

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