CLAIM: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie “At War” Over Their Kids Appearing In Movies

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have the most photographed kids in the world, but the actress doesn’t want her offspring in front of the camera on purpose — and she’s putting her foot down!” declares Star.

The tabloid claims Jolie was “upset” when Pitt cast their son Maddox in a small role in World War Z.

Now the couple is supposedly “at war” over their children, says Star.

“She told Maddox that’s the last time he’ll headline a movie,” explains a “source” for the magazine, apparently completely clueless about what “headlining a movie” means.

The out-of-touch Star insider further says, “Brad is laid-back and thinks the kids should follow their bliss. Angie used to feel the same but had a change of heart after her [double mastectomy] surgery.”

“More and more, Angie sees Hollywood as frivolous and soul-sucking. She’d much rather see her children become doctors or politicians,” continues the mag’s source.

“Power couple throwdown!” announces the tabloid.

Um, sure.

We’re waiting for Star to stop sensationalizing every last story about Pitt and Jolie, and inventing completely ridiculous “fights” between the two.

It’d also be nice if Star’s so-called “sources” stopped feeding the tab inaccurate stories involving Maddox.

In the meantime, we set aside the mag’s bizarre logic that Maddox’s inclusion in World War Z somehow threatens his future as a doctor or politician, and asked an actual source close to the situation whether there’s any truth to the latest Star report.

It’s totally false,” we’re told.

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