TAB: Kanye West Cheated On Pregnant Kim Kardashian With Model Leyla Ghobadi

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“Kanye Cheats on Kim!” blares a cover from Star, which alleges Kanye West strayed from pregnant Kim Kardashian with a “model” named Leyla Ghobadi.

Ghobadi tells the magazine she hooked up with West after his Atlantic City concert on July 6, 2012 — while Kardashian was in the audience.

The “model” claims the rapper spotted her in the crowd of his show and had his bodyguard invite her to his hotel room the following night.

Ghobadi says, “He told me that he found me attractive and wanted to ‘hook up,’ but I was concerned that he was seeing Kim Kardashian.”

How demure of her.

Do tell us more.

She goes on to claim that West assured her “his relationship with Kim was nothing but a friendship, a way to increase his fan base.”

Yes, because the rapper is just desperate for more fans.

Anyway, Ghobadi further alleges, “After taking shots of Jack Daniel’s together, we began to make out for a while — and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex.”

The model also claims she “had sex” with West in October — when Kardashian was pregnant with the singer’s baby — and that the rapper tried to meet up with her just last week.

However, Ghobadi says she refused because, “I would never do that to someone — especially a person who is expecting a baby!”

Oh, but she would give a BOGUS story to a tabloid about supposedly having an affair with a pregnant woman’s boyfriend.

Now that’s character.

Of course, Ghobadi’s allegations are 100% FALSE.

If anything had really happened between her and West back in 2012, she would have gone to the tabloids then — as she clearly seems desperate for any kind of publicity.

This report is just another — particularly weak — attempt to create drama in West and Kardashian’s relationship in order to sell magazines.

A Kardashian family rep tells Gossip Cop the tab’s cheating tale is completely “not true.”

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