‘Scandal’: Listen to the Cast’s Epic Season 2 Finale Table Read (Exclusive)

Diehard Gladiators who missed the epic May 16 live reading of Scandal's second-season finale at the TV Academy, rest easy.

Scandal executive producer Betsy Beers heard your calls and will be releasing the recording, featuring the reading of the season two finale "White Hats Back On" as part of her Scandal: Revealed podcast and you can listen to it first on The Hollywood Reporter.

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"We're putting the audio of that live event on this podcast by popular demand. You guys have tweeted, you've reached out, you've heard all about the table reads we always talk about them in the podcast and we thought it was only fair that you guys, the listening, tweeting Gladiators, get a chance to participate in what only a few people really got to hear."

Introducing the panel, which was created to give Emmy voters the opportunity to experience first-hand the work that goes into episodes of the series, showrunner Shonda Rhimes noted that the event was something the cast had never done before.

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"Generally when we do a table read, the cast doesn't know anything; they get a script literally live off the presses and so as they're reading, they're discovering it as it goes along," Rhimes noted. "There are things in this that you'll hear that didn't make it on to the air … and there are some great little moments for this table read that you'll get."

Check out the audio for the live table read, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, below, and available to subscribers on iTunes starting at 9 a.m. PST Wednesday.

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