Robert Pattinson “Used” By Katy Perry?

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(Daily Mail)

Robert Pattinson feels “used” by Katy Perry, claims In Touch.

Um, what supposedly happened?

“For a minute there, it looked as though Robert Pattinson might be making a love connection with Katy Perry,” explains the magazine.


A so-called Pattinson “pal” tells In Touch, “They’re friends, but Rob thought it could turn into something more.”

The tab says actor was allegedly “blindsided when he found out that Katy was getting back together with her ex John Mayer.”

“Rob feels like Katy used him to get John’s attention,” claims the mag’s source. “She knew John wouldn’t want to see her with someone else.”

According to a supposed friend of Perry’s, “Rob’s heartbroken. He can’t believe she’s back with John.”


Let’s explain what’s actually going on here: NOTHING.

A bunch of places pretended there was something romantic happening between Pattinson and Perry.

In Touch got in on this nonsense last week with a fake story about Kristen Stewart supposedly feeling “stabbed” in the back.

Gossip Cop kept saying — accurately — that these Perry-Pattinson dating rumors were bogus.

Then Perry and Mayer were spotted together again.

And now the same lame outlets that hyped the Perry-Pattinson angle are forced to wedge Mayer back into their baseless narratives.

That’s why In Touch is running a phony story about Perry “using” Pattinson to get her ex back.

In other words, the tabloids are covering their bullsh*t with more bullsh*t.

Gossip Cop was right all along, and the other places were wrong.


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