Please Enjoy This Chinese Highlight Video Of Tracy McGrady’s Scoreless Finals Appearance

T-Mac deserves this.

Via: Nathaniel S. Butler / Getty Images

Tracy McGrady was not that long ago one of the best players in basketball. Now he's a guy who comes off the bench for five minutes, if he gets off the bench at all. While this is a decline that happens to everyone, it happened a little earlier for T-Mac, who, at 34, is three years younger than his first-team All-NBA Spurs teammate Tim Duncan and one year younger than Manu Ginobili.

Since being signed just before the playoffs by the Spurs after playing the regular season in China — he averaged 25 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 5.1 assists, but his team finished in last place; at least he made third team All-CBA! — McGrady has made it on to the court in six of the Spurs' playoff games. He has yet to score a point, going 0-7 through these six games, with 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks, 2 turnovers, one foul, and a huge stranglehold on our hearts.

Of course, we all know that stats are just numbers on a board, and that what really matters in basketball are wins, losses, and highlight videos narrated in Chinese that involve nothing you would otherwise think of as a highlight. Thanks to his time on the Rockets with Yao Ming back in the day, McGrady's always been a popular player in China, to the point where his jersey used to outsell Yao's. And you better believe the fans are still paying attention. Hence:


EXCITING. The best part of the video is when it shows T-Mac throwing inconsequential passes and missing shots, with people talking very excitedly in a language other than the one you're (probably) used to hearing NBA play described in. Excuse me: that's the only thing in the video. Which makes it all the best.

This isn't the only weird thing to happen regarding the Spurs since last night's dominant, Tracy McGrady-featuring 36-point win over the Heat, though. Look carefully at this picture of postgame revelers.

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