Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘Crisis’?

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OK!’s hilariously horrible coverage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continues this week, with the magazine once again proving that its sources know absolutely nothing about the couple.

The tabloid has already published cover stories about Kardashian having “twins!” (FALSE), being forced to choose between West and mom Kris Jenner (WRONG), and collapsing over a “betrayal” and “medical crisis” (NEVER HAPPENED).

Now OK! alleges Kardashian and West are “in crisis!”

The limp story reheats much of the empty speculation that’s been floating around the gossip press for months about Kardashian feeling “so alone” and the couple allegedly living “separate” lives.

“Kim is hurt, she feels abandoned by him,” a so-called “family source” tells the tabloid. “She’s hormonal, of course, so it’s been easy for the tears to flow.”

Of course, OK! ignores that West himself says he’s “in love” with the “amazing” Kardashian, or her wishing him a happy birthday by saying she loves him “beyond words” — because that would ruin their story of abandonment and tension.

Instead, the outlet goes so far as to suggest that Kardashian’s “anxiety level” is threatening her baby’s health, finding some random doctor who does not treat her to pontificate about how stress affects pregnancies.

The “family source” tells OK! that West has “no desire” to do “relationship stuff” with Kardashian, concluding, “She has reason to feel sorry for herself.”

And we feel sorry for anyone who takes this kind of tabloid trash seriously.

Maybe OK! should take a break from sensationally hyping pregnancy crises and find better sources who aren’t proven wrong on a regular basis.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the tab’s latest tale is “boring and wrong.”

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