Justin Bieber Has “NEVER Met” Supposed Best Friend King Kevi – EXCLUSIVE



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King Kevi, the self-proclaimed best friend of Justin Bieber, gave a full interview on Thursday to RadarOnline from the rehab center Passages Malibu about the pop star, how he was the “ringleader” for the partying at singer’s house, and how his pal is supportive of his recovery.

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According to King Kevi, who’s at the rehab center for abusing “sizzup,” “I’m the main party guy in the group,” who was the “ringleader for getting it for everybody, because I had the hookup.”

Kevi claims he used to bring “60, 70 girls” to the parties he threw at Bieber’s house, and “Justin started liking that.”

The supposed Bieber hanger-on adds that the singer is supportive of his sobriety, claiming that “I talk to him everyday… He actually sent me some new headphones. He sent me a necklace too that’s dope with diamonds and gold on it.”

As for reports that he and Selena Gomez hooked up, King Kevi tells RadarOnline, “I’m not gonna comment on that.”

He even warns that people may not spot him down the road with Bieber because “Justin’s not really supposed to be seen with me.”


NONE of what King Kevi claims is true.

NOT one word.

He and Bieber are NOT friends.

In fact, Gossip Cop has learned exclusively from Bieber’s camp that the singer has “never met him before,” and “doesn’t know who he is.”

In the past, we have called out stories in which King Kevi has been falsely linked to Kate Upton and staged photos of himself in front of Gomez’s home.

We’re told L.A. clubs have banned him after he allegedly demanded V.I.P. treatment, and claimed that Bieber was going to meet him at the clubs — even while the singer was out of the country.

Our Bieber insider speculates that King Kevi is “delusional,” and even goes so far as to call him a “complete liar.”

Gossip Cop reached out to a guy who curiously used to say he was King Kevi’s “publicist,” but we fully expect to hear from that individual in about a week from… never.

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