Tom Cruise Has Shrinkage Problem?

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Tom Cruise has a shrinkage problem, according to Star.

The tabloid, which has a history of reporting outrageously inaccurate things about the actor, now claims Cruise, allegedly “insecure about his 5’7″ stature,” is suddenly alarmed that he’s getting even smaller.

“Since seeing the photos from the [Oblivion] red carpet with Olga Kurylenko, Tom is convinced he’s lost a quarter of an inch,” says a Star source.

Star insists Cruise is frantic, reaching out to experts to see what can be done.

“He’s not ready to resort to surgery or anything extreme. But he just wants to be sure he’s taking all the preventive measures,” explains the tab’s so-called “informant.”


We wonder if this Star source is the same one who fed the tab a bogus story about Cruise leaving Scientology?

The mag’s latest report is “beyond ridiculous,” a rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop.

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