Ranking The “America’s Next Top Model” Music Videos

Remember when Tyra made the models incorporate the phrase “POT LEDOM” and YouTube star Keenan Cahill into their “viral videos”? I be like whoa.

Shannon Ratliff, "World Go Round"

What up, Shan-Shan? This song is seriously the worst. It's embarrassing on every level, though I guess I do appreciate the camera literally flipping upside-down along with Shannon's mind. Clever!

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Angelea Preston, "I'm Here"

It's always refreshing to hear Angelea own her awfulness, but this song never really connects. It all feels so noncommittal, which is strange for a song repeatedly asserting that she's not going anywhere.

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Alexandria Everett, "Go, Go, Go..."

OK, so it's not all that interesting, but it's also not the disaster the judges made it out to be. While it's a little flat, the song is decent. And Alexandria's fierce hair steals the show anyway.

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Laura Kirkpatrick, "Southern Sweet Girl"

This is so deliriously dumb. I love Laura's bubble gum pop mentality — "Southern Sweet Girl" sounds exactly like you'd expect a song written by Laura to sound. It doesn't even matter that she can't sing at all.

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