New Song From Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats Will Make You Contemplate Life

Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now.

Frank Ocean hangs out with Jay-Z, Tyler, the Creator's a loud and ever-present personality, and Earl Sweatshirt's back on the scene after being shrouded in mystery for years, so it can be easy to forget the other, very talented, members of the Odd Future crew among all the other headlines.


Hodgy Beats, one-half of OF sub-group MellowHype, just dropped a contemplative new track called "Years," off his upcoming solo EP, Untitled 2, out June 1.

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"Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?" Hodgy asks. It's hard to imagine that three years ago any of the Odd Future rappers could have expected how quick and how high their ascent to success would be. But they surely dreamed about it.

"They say you never reach what you search on your duration's visit / We die to make a living," Hodgy raps on the outro. His musings (which include a Parks and Rec Ron Swanson reference) are wrapped up in clever, tight wordplay and rhymes, and he even sings a little bit! The production is dark, minimal, thumping, and the kind of spacey tune you'd want to bump if you were looking to sit around and get *ahem* philosophical for a few hours.

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