Miranda Lambert “Betrayed” Blake Shelton With Eric Church, Claims Tab

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(Life & Style)

“Miranda’s Nights With Another Man!” screams a cover from Life & Style, which claims Miranda Lambert has “betrayed” Blake Shelton with a fellow country singer.

The magazine says that while Shelton has a “reputation as a flirt,” his wife “isn’t so innocent either,” going on to allege that in 2010, Lambert “got too close” to her opening tour act, Eric Church, and “nearly destroyed her relationship with Blake forever.”

So, what supposedly happened?

The tabloid reports that just after Shelton proposed to Lambert, she “fell for” Church on her “Revolution” tour, spending the entire three months “trying to get close to her tourmate.”

A so-called “source” — who somehow recalls intimate details from something that happened three years ago — tells the rag, “She just wouldn’t keep her hands off Eric. Miranda was getting really frisky with Eric.”


However, the tab claims married Church “wasn’t open to Miranda’s advances,” quoting the purported “insider” as saying, “Eric had to kick Miranda off his bus a couple of times. She was getting too close for comfort.”


Life & Style goes on to allege that Lambert is now coming on to Dierks Bentley on her “Locked & Reloaded” tour.

A supposed concertgoer tells the tabloid, “Miranda seemed pretty close to Dierks… They seemed flirty,” adding, “I could definitely see that she could have a crush on him.”

Yes, a concertgoer from 700 yards away certainly has a good grasp on the inner workings of Lamber and Bentley’s relationship.

Of course, this entire story is nonsense.

Life & Style has been hilariously mocked by both Lambert and Shelton for its inaccurate reporting on the couple’s marriage, and this latest tale is even more laughable than the mag’s previous cheating “reports.”

If there were actually something going on between Lambert and Church, why is it just coming to light now, after three years?

And the flimsy claim that Lambert is allegedly crushing on Bentley — who is also married — is just too embarrassing for the magazine, so we’re not even going to touch that.

Lambert and Shelton are happily married, and have nothing to hide from one another, as “The Voice” judge recently said in a candid interview about the pair’s relationship.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, and we’re told — not surprisingly — that the tabloid’s tale is “ridiculous.”

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