Megan Mullally And Nick Offerman Prove Why They Have The Sexiest And Most Supportive Marriage In Hollywood

From their first play together in 2000 to this weekend’s The Kings of Summer , the couple share how they’ve worked together so well for 13 years.

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally in The Kings of Summer

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LOS ANGELES — From the moment they first met 13 years ago, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman have been working together. Quite literally, they met while rehearsing a play, when Mullally was in the the first blush of her Will & Grace mega-fame, and Offerman was a struggling theater actor from Chicago. But when I spent some time last month talking with the 54-year-old Mullally and nearly 43-year-old Offerman about their professional relationship, it became clear quickly that this is a couple that just works.

In Hollywood, that's about as rare as a photo of Offerman without a mustache. (We have one, by the way. Just you wait.) Mullally and Offerman have been sharing the screen a lot recently, between her frequent appearances on Offerman's NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation and a recent trio of independent feature films: Smashed, Somebody Up There Likes Me, and the Sundance darling The Kings of Summer, hitting theaters this weekend.

In that film, Offerman and Mullally play the respective parents of two best friends (Melissa and Joey's Nick Robinson and The Big C's Gabriel Basso) who find themselves at odds when their sons run away to live in an elaborately ramshackle home they've built in the nearby woods. They're also appearing on stage in L.A. in the two-person play Annapurna through June 9 — the first time they've had a chance to work one-on-one since they married right before the Emmys in Sept. 2003. "I'm so grateful that we finally are getting to have this moment together," says Offerman. "We're a couple that loves to work together, and getting to bring whatever skills we have to bear as a team is just the most gratifying."

Mullally (as Karen Walker) and Offerman (as Nick the Plummer) on Will & Grace

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