Many Call This “The Most Sexist Ad Of All Time”

Don Draper calls it a brilliant ad that sells the Hell out of tires. It’s the Mad Men Sexist Ad of the Week.

As Draper would say in the boardroom when Sterling Cooper pitched Goodyear:

"Fear, gentlemen. Fear is a powerful motivator. Are you afraid when a woman is behind the wheel? When your wife is driving alone to her stupid bridge club? Remember: YOU are the product. You feeling something, that's what sells. And advertising is based on one thing: happiness. Would you be happy if you wife ended up dead in a ditch because she was driving ON shitty tires? Would you be happy if she blew a tire and got raped by the tow truck guy?
THIS is the spot you should run.
We can make the woman-driver music even scarier, if you want. In fact, I'd recommend it."

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