Kristen Stewart Drove Robert Pattinson Away With Demands, Says OK!

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Robert Pattinson “bolted” from Kristen Stewart because her “demands” drove him away, claims OK!

The magazine, which told everyone the couple was set to elope in March, claims things got “rocky” between the Twilight stars before their split earlier this month — and that it’s all Stewart’s fault.

“Kristen wanted to go straight back to where they’d been before they first split up and pushed Rob really hard on it,” explains a so-called “insider” for OK! “She wanted the whole package: the house, the wedding and even the baby. It was all way too much for Rob to handle.”

(As long as we’re discussing babies, OK! happily ran an outrageous cover story back in 2010 implying that Stewart was pregnant. She was not.)

The magazine claims Pattinson, by contrast, wanted to ease back into the relationship.

“If Rob had got his way they would still be dating, but taking things slow,” says the OK! insider.

Instead, Stewart’s neediness and expectations that they’d marry before the end of the year supposedly “sent him running for cover.”

Before his birthday earlier this month, alleges OK!, the duo had the conversation that proved fatal to their relationship.

The tab’s source reports, “Rob asked for space and it sent her over the edge. She told him if he wanted a break, it would be permanent.”

This is all terribly fascinating, especially coming from the same outlet that wrongly had Stewart and Pattinson engaged three years ago.

We know that OK! wants badly for things to be black and white, with great big dramatic life milestones at every turn, but to blame the breakup on Stewart demanding a baby and marriage in the immediate future is more of the same baseless speculation we’ve gotten used to the tabloid spewing.

A Pattinson source assures Gossip Cop that alleged “neediness” was never an issue for the two.

Throughout their relationship, OK! falsely announced pregnancies and engagements — and now the mag is explaining the split in those same terms.

OK! did not suddenly acquire sources with enough insight to understand the nuances of Stewart and Pattinson’s situation, before or after their breakup.

If and when Stewart or Pattinson opens up about the split — unlikely given their tendency toward privacy — the reasons will be revealed.

Until then, tabloids are hoping readers will swallow whatever dramatized speculation is splashed across the pages.

Readers shouldn’t be fooled.

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