Frances Bean Cobain Slams Kendall Jenner Again: Enjoy Your Self-Serving “Pity Party”

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Frances Bean Cobain is not done taunting Kendall Jenner in their online war of words.

To recap: Earlier this week, Cobain blasted Jenner as a self-absorbed “f**king idiot” for saying on Twitter that she wishes “things could be easier sometimes.”

Jenner responded to the diss by acknowledging that she’s “privileged and blessed,” but telling Cobain “you don’t know me” and “who are u to judge me?”

Late on Friday, Cobain reignited the feud by accusing Jenner of self-indulgently “fishing for sympathy” with her venting.

Cobain wrote:

“Everyone’s problems are relative and I in [no] way meant to demean you’re (sic) issues but publicly complaining about how hard your life is, is completely self serving. It’s asking for attention. If you are feeling like sh*t talk to someone who you trust as opposed to fishing for sympathy from your followers. I don’t know you nor do I think ur a bad person. I believe that venting about ones problems via the Internet is a blatant cry for attention.We all have experienced pain i try to deal w/ pain in a manner that pertains to my real life not in a way where strangers throw me a pity party. To each their own though man. It’s not my life, live it in whatever manner you want to.”

So far, no response from Jenner.

What do you think about Cobain’s new comments?

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